Ure museum Olympics trail – Part 1 Preliminary thoughts

Amy in the Ure Museum, University of Reading, UK, has given us some terrific material for an Olympics trail. This would be in addition to their exciting work they are already doing with the Open University producing an iPhone app, and also two local schools looking at the objects in imaginative and fun ways.

We think a shortish trail of a few Olympic-related objects, described in Widgit symbols and augmented by info online might be fun and useful especially for those who find reading and general communication difficult.

Our current idea is to have a card printed on both sides hanging near an object. Amy has pointed out a very useful area next to each case which we might be able to fasten things to without in any way disturbing the current displays.

The card would have quite sizeable dimensions – something like 7cm x 21cm – to make it easy to handle. Visitors could either use it as it is, ignoring the QR code, or could scan the code with their own phones or, for specially organised trips, with an imuse iPad box (which is designed to be specially easy to use for anyone who finds accurate use of a touch screen a bit problematic).

Here’s a preliminary mock-up of a card. We’d welcome comments on usability etc. Note that the symbols  are copyright Widgit Symbols Ltd.

Side 1
side 2