Tricycle & Sumer is icumen in

The tricycle as music stand and rain cover at the Exercise Book, Palmer Park, 30th January 2016. A snippet of the work by Professor Martin Harry, Oxford University, some of it based on the first ‘pop’ (i.e. not ecclesiastical) written work – composed by the monks of Reading Abbey – a great Reading space! – around 1250. 100 runners did a 5K around the Park to tracks from the work – downloaded to their smartphones and played by a live wind band in the stadium. Wind was a bit of a problem – hence the human health and safety device anchored to the tricycle’s umbrella. Remember, you heard this use of a tricycle here first. Should we aim for 101 uses of a tricycle?

Hear a snippet of the piece – trumpet soloist with an echoing trumpet in the stands. Don’t forget to turn your sound on!