Working with AACT

Agreed by the Board Winter 2010-11. Next review due on or before: Winter 2013-14

AACT does not have its own employees. Rather, it is helped towards achieving its aims by people holding various other types of role. The aim of this short document is to list the Charity’s policies relating to: trustee-directors, volunteers, paid consultants, student interns, organizations.

The documents giving further information relating to each role are named here. They are published
through the Charity’s website. While the roles differ, all outputs must relate directly to AACT’s
mission and priorities. Anyone doing work for/on behalf of AACT should enter into an appropriate
agreement including to abide by any relevant AACT policies.


Directors are elected by the members of the Company as detailed in the Memorandum and Articles,simultaneously becoming a trustee of the Charity. All must follow the agreed policies documented in Responsibilities and duties of Trustee-Directors.


The Charity and the Volunteer must abide by the policies documented in the Volunteer policy. Apart
from ad hoc one-off help (e.g. help at a fundraising sale) there must be a Volunteer agreement in
place which lists the activities the Volunteer will undertake. The agreement must have the approval
of a Trustee-Director before any activity commences.

Paid consultants

Individual’s circumstances differ and there will be occasion when special contractual conditions will
apply. However, the type of agreement we normally require with a self-employed consultant is
shown in the Consultancy agreement template. The outcomes expected from the consultancy and
the payment terms must be clearly agreed and the agreement signed by a Trustee-Director on
behalf of AACT and by the Consultant before work commences.

Student interns

An individual associated with AACT may be prepared to take on a student intern. The situation will
differ from that of a volunteer in that there will be some agreement with the student’s host
institution (for example: on giving feedback on performance). Whether the individual concerned is
prepared to spend the time on supervision, monitoring etc required is a matter for them but as in
other cases, any agreement with both student and institution must be clearly understood and
agreed by a Trustee-Director before commencement. Particular care will be exercised in making any agreement on accepting an intern to ensure all parties understand there is no payment associated with the role and to be clear that the student’s institution covers insurance issues


We understand that organizations providing goods or services may have their own form of contract
and we therefore do not have an AACT ‘standard’. Any contract must clearly state the goods or
services to be provided, must be clear on matters such as insurance and must be agreed and signed by a Trustee-Director before commencement of delivery of any of the goods or services.