Highest ever Splat Medusa score

Our tent at the Festival was buzzing with visitors – and one scored a straight 100 on Splat Medusa, a record. We also had dozens of Ure Museum mugs painted, lots of interest in the East Reading Connections stand, the London Road Heritage Trail, Ladybird Book and Artist in the Harris Garden mini-apps. Thanks to the Festival organisers for a good day. You can play splat.imuse.org.uk from the comfort of your own iPad (or even PC) if you’d like some practice.

iMuse & iOpener move to RG spaces

The iMuse and iOpener programmes run by the charity Access-Ability Communications Technology (AACT) are moving to RG spaces in Summer 2015. iMuse works with museums and galleries locally to seek lowcost ways of using mobile phones and tablets to make visits more fun and accessible for everyone. iOpener is experimenting with making online trails and encouraging people to make their own around Reading.


Making trails around Reading and its environs to enhance people’s appreciation of their town and its surroundings.


RG spaces will take over the management of the iMuse programme from the charity AACT from Summer 2015. Here is a list of the projects so far.

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