We agree with John Betjeman! We are a small local charity based in Reading. We aim to work with other organisations to help enhance some of Reading’s cultural & heritage spaces (both real & virtual) and everyone’s understanding & enjoyment of them.


  • 100 pictures of Reading imageSee http://100.rgspaces.org.uk to find out more about our 100 Paintings of Reading project with local artist Liz Kerry. An ambtious project to create 100 small oil paintings of spaces around Reading.
  • Vote100 & Heritage Open Days 2018 acaciasWe are working with several University-related organisations and the Two Rivers Press, aiming to open up the Acacias on London Road during the national Heritage Open Days in September, with a particular emphasis on Edith Morley, the country’s first female professor who was also noted for her work with refugees and her campaigning for women’s education and suffrage. The Acacias was a Palmer family residence which they donated to the University College Reading.
  • The Holy Brook Gallery at Central Library cropped-Holybrook-square-logo-1000x1000-150x150We are working with Reading Central Library to refurbish their exhibition space and make it better known. It now has new spot lighting and hanging system. The Library offers the space for local artists and others for a rolling programme of exhibitions. We are running a small website holybrook.gallery which has information on exhibitions and how to book the space.
  • iMuse interfacea programme of short projects demonstrating how IT can help small and medium sized museums and galleries become more accessible and fun – without spending very large sums of money!


  • Equaliteas at @ Holy Brook Gallery imageTo celebrate universal suffrage and Vote 100 we are running Equaliteas on 22 & 23 June 2.30 to 4.30. Come along for free tea and cake and visit the exhibition of an artists year with Berkshires High Sheriff. Try our Equalitea quiz
  • Extra twists tempAs part of Heritage Open Days 7-10 September 2017 we have some extra twists in our All of a Twist exhibition. Thurs & Fri morning Jelly Tots workshops Booking for Jelly Tots workshop not essential but advised Sat & Sun morning Mini drop spindle workshops every half hour 10-12noon Sat afternoon Spinning wheel demo from 2.30pm Sun morning Willow weaving demo from 10am Sun afternoon Dropspindling demonstration from 2:30
  • All of a Twist Flyer side 1 showing spiralWe are co-ordinating an exhibition (2-15 September) at the Turbine House to overlap with national Heritage Open Days and the new Reading-on-Thames Festival. Inspired by the turbines themselves and advised by around a dozen Reading-based scientists, the exhibition will take a light-hearted look at twisty-turny stuff in, on, above and beside Reading’s rivers. The exhibits’ areas range from twisting for strength (wool, rope…), twisting in nature from DNA, spirogyra, willow and natural twists, the river flow itself, Reading as Tornado Alley, red kites soaring, rowing & paddling and of course the river as a source of power from the Abbey watermill to turbines past, present and future.
  • Abbey on Wheels abbey on wheelsThis project is being run by Reading Museum as part of the Abbey Revealed restoration project. We helped with our info tricycle going along to events with our tile-painting activity, encouraging visitors to create tiles inspired by those from the Abbey and to handle real artefacts from 900 years ago. We passed the activity on to the Museum who run it as ‘Medieval Tile Painting’ – encouraging people to look closely at Abbey artefacts while providing an absorbing activity.
  • Turbo Charged – evaluation and events at the Turbine House imageDuring Spring & Summer 2017 we ran project ‘Turbo Charged’ evaluating uses of the Turbine House which is made available through Reading Museum for community exhibitions. We submitted a report to the Museum with recommendations in October 2017. Click the photo to see this quirky nook of Reading heritage.
  • The Things Network Reading litter picking with gpsRG Spaces is joining in this ambitious project to create a community led infrastructure covering the whole of Reading. Artists, entrepreneurs, students, hobbyists and everyone will be able to try out innovative Internet of Things projects. TTN Reading has loaned us a GPS tracking box which you can see on the back of the information tricycle. We are looking into adding further sensors to monitor environmental information as a fun and lowcost way of demonstrating the use of this new addition to Reading’s virtual space.


  • Information Tricycle IMG_4840Our Information tricycle is now ready to come to events.
  • iOpener two rivers and a canalMaking trails around Reading and its environs to enhance people’s appreciation of their town and its surroundings.
  • If you’d like to contact us please email info [usual at sign thingy] rgspaces.org.uk

    We are rather small, and with just voluntary helpers, but aim to look at and respond to messages within 3 days.

RG Spaces is registered by the Charity Commission for England and Wales as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation number 1160023. It holds the Safe & Sound governance quality award.

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