Our courier butterfly is delivering your promises
Delivery complete!
A butterfly will carry a green ribbon for each promise
Come to see them on
Whitchurch Bridge
29/04/2023 to 31/05/2023
The Butterfly Effect
Art in the Community
Fluttering from Whitchurch Bridge to
Whiteknights Studio Trail
10 June - 11 June 2023
10 promises made so far

Make a promise – see the change
To make a promise click as many butterflies as you like, or write your own promise, then click submit


Small changes can make a BIG difference

Early in May 2023, Art in the Community covered Whitchurch Bridge in 1500 butterflies made from upcycled materials - and they gradually turned 'green'. For every promise made a butterfly carried a green ribbon.

Now some of them have flown to 85 Christchurch Rd to take part in the Trail, supporting Reading's Climate Festival.

All we ask is that you promise to make one small change that could have a BIG impact on our environment if we all work together.

Here's a butterfly to display in your window when you've made a promise.

More information

The leaflet for Butterfly Effect

Water saving tips from Thames Water

Where and how to recycle

Grow a secret garden for butterflies

Here are some of the great promises made so far

I promise to turn the lights off when I am not in the room

I will to gardening for the bees (age 5)

get our electricity from solar power

Buy more recycled clothes

Eat heathy stuff more often, recycle more often, turn off lights when I leave the house.

I will join a community action group

Keep fit

Try to use sink rather than rinse under running water

Leave nettles at back of garden, plant foxgloves and more hollyhocks

Reduce the temperature of our under floor heating

Plant woodland plants - to help reverse the decline of British native plants. I am going to include tree stumps to provide insect houses.

Make a bug hotel

Switch off all electrical switches when not in use

Walk or cycle to reduce car journeys

I will no longer take long haul flights

To use a bar conditioner and shampoo to reduce packaging

Use refills where possible

Where possible don't fly

To pick up litter (if possible) wherever I see it

Don't let the water run when brushing teeth/washing dishes

Work on cleaning the river of sewage

Cold Showers!

open the doors more and use the airconditioning less

turn the lights off when I leave the room

reduce the amount of things I buy

Not cut the lawn in May

Plant hedges

recycle household batteries at local supermarket

Use less plastic

I have bought a reusable cup so that I don't have to take the non recyclable take away cups in the coffee shops.

Waste less food

Reduce the number of baths and have shorter showers

Use less water

Make a hedgehog door in garden fence- see PAWs Mag May/June 23

Flush the toilet only when necessary ....

reduce the depth of water in the bath

I promise to buy a water butt for the garden

Campaign for water meters. Shower not bathe.

We promise to leave an area on our lawn to grow wild flowers

Leave the dandelions as long as possible. i.e. remove the heads just as they're turning into clocks and not before.

mowing the grass less

Eat less meat

keep to 60 mph on motorway

only use my tumble dryer when it's raining

Use own bags for all shopping

Join with neighbour to take hard plastics to Padworth

Recycle crisp packets at Co-op

Recycle aluminium medicine tablet sheets at supermarket