The iMuse Programme

Programme dates: October 2011 – ongoing
The iMuse programme is managed by the charity, AACT, in partnership with small/modest sized museums and galleries.

It aims to enable everyone, especially those with communication difficulties, to increase their enjoyment of, learn from and interact with museums and other visitors. We are working with museums and visitors to try out various types of mobile device such as smartphones and iPads.

We run projects, testing out methods with museum staff, volunteers and visitors.

Along the way we have made some general discoveries and raised more general questions.

iMuse Projects

  • Ure Move Sophie the owlThis project is the third in the series led by the Ure Museum of Classical Archaeology, Reading. Working with three local schools, AACT as part of its iMuse Programme, will help to create simple webapps using material created by 16 year old pupils led by a student panel.
  • Ure Discovery young people lerning about computer animationIn partnership with a classical museum, a professional animator, mainstream and special schools to produce a highly-accessible app based on ideas communicated by forty 14-25 year olds.
  • Text-free book cover of ladybird bookExperimenting with a totally text-free app with an in-gallery iPad bound as a book.
  • Stanley Spencer Gallery Stnley spencer gallery interiorWe are experimenting in partnership with the Gallery on new methods of interacting with and interpreting the Artist’s work using in-Gallery iPads.
  • Happy New Year try our Snowball Splat text-free game! snowmanSeason’s Greetings!
  • National Heritage Open Days 2014 – How Reading got its pots Town Hall and greek pot– or “From Apullia to Reading” iMuse is working with the Ure Museum and the Museum of Reading to create a mini webapp explaining how Reading got such a rich collection of Greek pots and how the two museums collaborate over their display.
  • National Heritage Open Days 11-13 Sept 2014 iMuse is helping the Museum of Reading and the Ure Museum of Greek Archeology show how Reading got such fantastic Greek pots with another mini app based on the one we did for the Cultural Olympiad 2013.
  • iOpener in Reading March 2015 Town Hall and greek potiOpener in Reading is holding sessions in Town Hall Square 14 and 21 March. Visit for more info.
  • iMuse in Reading holybrook and abbey arch ReadingThis project ran in partnership, with 600 people trying novel ways of accessing heritage using mobile devices.

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